Software Outsourcing

Software outsourcing can be a cost-effective and efficient way for businesses to access specialized expertise and resources for their software development projects. At Codestage, we are primarily a custom software development compamy that offers outsourcing services to help clients bring their ideas to life.

Key benefits of outsourcing

Cost savings

Outsourcing can be more cost-effective than hiring a team in-house, as you don’t have to worry about employee benefits, office space, and other overhead costs.

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Access to specialized talent

By outsourcing your software development, you can access a larger pool of developers with a wide range of skills and expertise, allowing you to find the best fit for your project.


Outsourcing allows you to scale your team up or down as needed, giving you the flexibility to meet changing business needs.

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Time to market

Working with an experienced outsourcing partner can help you bring your software to market faster, as they can utilize agile development methodologies and quickly iterate on your project.

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Focus on your core business

Outsourcing your software development allows you to focus on your core business, while your partner handles the technical details of your project.

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Why us as your outsourcing partner


Our team of experienced developers has a track record of delivering high-quality software projects for enterprise clients in a range of industries. The majority of our developers has more than 10 years of market experience.

Tailored approach

We work with clients to understand their specific needs and goals, and then tailor our approach to deliver the best possible results.

Agile development

Our team is experienced in agile development methodologies, which allows us to quickly iterate and deliver high-quality software in a timely manner.

Diverse skillset

We have a diverse range of skills and expertise, allowing us to take on projects of all sizes and complexities.

Our skillset is not limited to the technical part, such as php (Laravel), javascript/ typescript (Angular, React, Vue, Node, Electron, Nightmare), Java (Spring, Android), C# (.NET, Unity), but we have the skills required to complete any project, such as analytical thinking, best project management methodologies and so on.

Besides those, we can complete any hardware project using Arduino or Raspberry.

Strong communication

We prioritize strong communication with our clients to ensure that we are meeting their needs and expectations throughout the project.

Manage our relationship online

Projects, financials & documents all in one place with your Codestage Core account.

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Codestage Core allows you to manage all of your projects in one central location. With our integrated project management tools, you can easily track progress and know the real time status of your project.


Our platform notifies you anytime a document is generated and allows you to receive and store all of your contracts, appendices, and offers in one central location, making it easy to find and reference them when needed.

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Crystal clear overview

The Core sends you every month a tailored & detailed report for all of your projects. Things like timesheets, 3rd party insights and statistics are being gathered into one, monthly comprehensive report.

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